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In politics one holds no promises

“The head of Styrian government Voves can not be surpassed in incredibility”, told OeVP family speaker Ridi Steibl commenting SPOe-forcingup of prices in Steiermark. On the 1st of July the electricity prices will be raised by 15 percent.

OeVP-family speaker reminded to audience the fact of numerous election campaign pledges given by Voves. Before the elections Voves had promised , in particular, that electricity price would not be raised. Steibl told: “You failed, Mr.Governor! With all your broken promises. Voves is fully responsible for the antisocial SPOe politics and it is incomprehensible why he demands SPOe at the national level to be the other, when his own local policy does not correspond to this fundamental principle.”

Electricity price increases, the trust to politicians decreases

From the 1st of July the Energy Styria raises the electricity price. It means a rise by 4 percent for average household. As the KPOe has already stated before, every rise digs deep in population pockets. This is the third rise since 2006.

Ernest Kaltenegger, club chef of the KPOe issued critical comments on this fact in the Styrian Landtag: “Other local enterprises who manage to go on without nuclear power are definitely cheaper than the Energy Stieremark. The last one seems to obtain tactics to put stress on population at regular intervals. At the same time, the politicians of OeVP and SPOe at the local level intend to increase their own salaries up to 1000 euros monthly. In this way the trust to politicians is systematically destroyed.” KPÖ

Large increase of rents in Austria

By By Colin Graham
Renters will be hit with a six per cent price hike in September, according to the Austrian Chamber of Labour (AK).The increase will impact the finances of around 1 million homes. From September category rents on an 80 square metre flat will rise by up to an additional 180 Euros per year.
Wiener Zeitung 23.06.08

Austria is one of the happiest countries in the world

Website World Database of Happiness, that is managed by Erasmus University Rotterdam published the results of research devoted to investigation of human happiness and named the most safe countries of the world. Authors investigated situation in 95 countries. According to their data, the mostcontented countries are Switzerland and Denmark. Austria occupies third honarable place in this list.
The most unsafe countries of the world are Moldavia and Byelorussia.
16.05.08 (

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