Yearly Archive: 2018

Erotic plasticity of females

Women are rarely encouraged to masturbate or to experiment sexually, not only because of sexual norms in the Western world, but because of the universal risk of pregnancy and the value placed on virginity. So women don’t grow up prioritizing their sexual impulses and feelings the way that men do, and they learn to base their sexual response on the response of the partner.

Gut microbes and brain

Gut microbes are part of the unconscious system regulating behavior. We are fundamentally dependent on a myriad of essential neurochemicals produced by microbes. Recent research has also suggested the gut microbiome may have a role in the development of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Research has found people with ASD have significantly higher numbers of Candida species in their intestines. Recent research has also suggested the gut microbiome may have a role in the development of autism.

Der Narzissmus

Ein Patient, der an einer narzisstischen Persönlichkeitsstörung leidet, hat ein verzerrtes Selbstkonzept und Selbstgefühl. Für solche Menschen sind Alterungsprozesse besonders schwer zu verkraften. In schweren Fällen kann es auch zum totalen Zusammenbruch kommen, der mit dem Verlust der Arbeitsfähigkeit, schweren Depressionen und einer sozialen Isolation einhergeht.

Air Pollution and Electrosmog

Two thirds of studies examined report ecological effects of electromagnetic radiation, and researchers state that, “current evidence indicates that chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation, at levels that are found in the environment, may particularly affect the immune, nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems”.

Naked Women

Gandhi hadn’t had a sexual relationship with a woman for 40 years. His conscious purpose in inviting naked women to share his bed was – to avoid having sex with them. While it was commonly discussed as damaging his reputation when he was alive, Gandhi’s sexual behaviour was ignored for a long time after his death. The preservation of his vital fluid did not keep India intact, and it was the power-brokers of the Congress Party who negotiated the terms of India’s freedom.