Alexander Van der Bellen


Alexander Van der Bellen, leader of the Greens, during final event of election campaign in Wien Museum at Karlsplatz. Considering technical aspects of photo, it is one of my lucky ones, as it was very pleasing white light in the conference hall, and being in top boots with high heels, I equipped myself only with lightest 50mm lens. Reporter work definitely does not add much to woman’s good looks and dignity, sometimes it is necessary in literal sense to crawl on the floor on your knees or even worse in front of big audience. I put on short skirt and stockings, and being in great hurry this morning, after taking shower I had put on not black, but red underwear, and when I squat in front of Van der Bellen I demonstrated perhaps too boldly to him today my political color favors. Whenever I am looking at leader of Greens, expression of his face reminds me somebody, whom I knew very well in past times