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American cosmic frauds

Musk has allegedly committed significant fraud on multiple occasions. It appears from the insider testimony and other evidence that he does that whenever he needs to raise money or pump up the Tesla stock price or bail himself out from bad investments. He is a compulsive liar, just lying reflexively even when there’s no reason for it. He’s a massive narcissist. So, in conclusion, Musk is a typical American fraud and a braggart who sucks at exactly what he claims to be great at.

Der Mediale III. Weltkrieg

Es gibt immer weniger mutige und wahrheitsliebende Journalisten, denn der Markt ist überschwemmt mit „philosemitischen Überzeugungstätern“. Verleumdung ist zur Normalität geworden und wird immer mehr akzeptiert. Das Feindbild der „linken Antisemiten“ wurde erneut aufgegriffen und wird jetzt immer wieder gegen Israel-kritische Juden angewendet.

History of the Jews

According to a census held in 1896, the Jews represented about 2% of the region total population. It can be assumed that almost 100% of these Jews were Bukharian Jews or at least Sephardic Jews, meaning no Ashkenazi Jews were living in the Kyrgyz area before the 20th century.

Moon fake and Stanley Kubrick

In 1995 the Internet brought about the downfall and full expose of NASA’s 25 year hoax, as people worldwide now had full access to NASA’s web site pictures, and could see for themselves the pathetic way in which the photographs had been doctored with the same repetitive background.