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Der Osttürkische Waffen-Verband der SS

Das Ost-muselmanische SS Regiment Отрывок из донесения нацистского командования о формировании туркестанского легиона из добровольцев-эмигрантов и советских военнопленных азиатского происхождения в составе гитлеровской армии, автор пишет о том, как весной 1944 года один из полков легиона перешел на сторону партизан. An der Seite der deutschen Wehrmacht...

Das ist Graz

Im 6. Jahrhundert errichteten Slawen an diesem Ort eine Burg – grad. Noch heute heißt die Stadt im Slowenischen Gradec. Russische Stadtnamen mit “grad”: Volgograd (Stalingrad), Zelenograd, Kaliningrad, Belgrad, Petrograd (Peterburg).


All in all the quantity of Austrian newspapers, their circulation and range of subjects they pick up is rather disappointing.
At the same time Russian press if it has any interest to Austrian motives at all, can willingly buy only fried top hits, like scandals or sensational news of woman who gave birth to six babies at once, news that could be highly salable for any international paper as well.
Russians dont care who Jörg Haider, Franz Voves or Ernest Kaltenegger is.

Joy and frustration of change

My experience with new Asus PA249G LCD Monitor As was pointed out by reviewers, the main advantages of this semi-professional monitor are qualities of its precalibrated for Adobe RGB and sRGB colour spaces screen. The possibility to rotate the screen and change the length of monitor’s...

Das Putin-Foto

Fotograf Platon Antoniou, 46, englisch-griechischer Herkunft, lebt in New York. Er fotografiert für verschiedene Magazine. Sein Porträt von Wladimir Putin gewann 2008 den ersten Preis des World-Press-Photo-Wettbewerbs. Kein Foto hat das Bild von Wladimir Putin so geprägt wie jenes, das Platon Antoniou von ihm aufnahm. Hier...

Erosion des Vertrauens

Globalisierung Anfangs durchaus als Ausbruch aus einer engen nationalstaatlichen Welt begrüßt – ist die Globalisierung in der öffentlichen Diskussion mittlerweile zum Synonym für das Böse an sich geworden, ein Teufel in moderner Gestalt. Abbau von Arbeitsplätzen, weil woanders billiger produziert werden kann. Auslagerung von Dienstleistungen, weil es...

Russia in Hollywood movies

RIA Novosti – Hollywood has long raised Russians’ hackles over what many see as crude national stereotypes propagated on the screen, including the drunken cosmonaut in the 1998 blockbuster “Armageddon,” which sparked outrage in the Russian parliament. Cyrillic gibberish, anachronisms and Russian phrases that appear to...

Online journalism

In 2009 audiences for online journalism continued to grow. In 2008, for the first time, more people reported getting their national and international news from the internet, rather than newspapers, and audiences to news sites continued to grow due to the launch of new sites, and...

Journalism and mother tongue

Is it possible at all for writing journalist with emigration background to advance in her profession competing with native speakers? We planned to meet in Sperl, but on that cold day, the cafe was full. We marched on till Leopold museum, and were lucky to find place...


As author I praise value of writer’s honesty. As Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his autobiography: “The heart’s earnest and pure desire is always fulfilled”, so sincere author, has chances to reach heights of mastery. After rambling through books in next Vienna bookstore, I would descend in metro, and vibration of train and feeling of running forward would pacify and bring me in thoughts far beyond of my destination. Previous experienced passenger of Moscow and St-Petersburg

Michi Häupl bioline

Михаил Хойпль – австрийский политик от социал-демократической партии. Начиная с 1994 года является бургомистром Вены.
Будучи школьником, Михаил, также как и его младший брат, являлся членом национал-освободительного юношеского движения (Pennalen Burschenschaft)
В Кремсе. После окончания гимназии, он изучал биологию и зоологию в Венском университете.
Хойпль стал бургомистром Вены 7 ноября 1994 года.

Alter Ego

Emigration creates stressful limit-situations when person loses his identification:work, friends, relatives, property, language, life and career prospects. Can you stand this collapse of identifications? – Being 47, I must run around in Vienna as homeless dog looking for institutions, who would approve what I am doing....

Street photography

Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art in public places. Although there is a difference between street and candid photography it is usually subtle with most street photography being candid in nature but not all candid photography being classifiable as street photography. Street photography does...