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Naked Women

Gandhi hadn’t had a sexual relationship with a woman for 40 years. His conscious purpose in inviting naked women to share his bed was – to avoid having sex with them. While it was commonly discussed as damaging his reputation when he was alive, Gandhi’s sexual behaviour was ignored for a long time after his death. The preservation of his vital fluid did not keep India intact, and it was the power-brokers of the Congress Party who negotiated the terms of India’s freedom.

Sexual Fantasies

Men were more likely than women to focus on a specific person in their fantasies. They imagined more taboo topics—Dr. Lehmiller says this may be because they have a more heightened need for excitement than women. And they are more likely than women to fantasize about gender-bending scenarios: cross-dressing, becoming the other sex, having a transgender partner. Women imagined more same-sex scenarios. They cared more about the setting than men did, creating elaborate locations for their fantasies. And they had more emotional content.

Der Akt

Among other dreams for paranormal powers, I had dream of myself splitting in two and keeping company of my duplicate. I envisioned complete understanding between those two – the sort of intimacy identical twins have. Looking around, I knew I would stay inexplicable for ever. It...

Sex Dolls for Nazi Soldiers

A new book reveals that Adolf Hitler ordered the manufacture of Aryan blow up dolls to discourage his troops from sleeping with disease-ridden prostitutes.
The so-called “Borghild Project” reportedly kicked off in 1940 when SS chief Heinrich Himmler wrote to Hitler alerting him of the health risks posed to his men by liaisons with French women. “The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores, picking up clients in bars, dance halls, and other places,” he wrote. “It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health just for the sake of a quick adventure.”

Die nackte Wahrheit

Worauf hat sie wirklich Lust? Men’s Health fragte 2500 Frauen, wie sie es im Bett gerne hätten. So erfüllen Sie alle Ihre Sex-Wünsche. 30 Prozent stehen auf ein bisschen Romantik Frauen lieben die drei K: Kochen, Kerzen, Kuscheln. Aber nicht auf Rituale versteifen, sonst wird Romantik...

Männer wissen, was Frauen wollen

Laut einer Umfrage wissen Männer, was Frauen wollen. Dabei haben Männer einzuschätzen versucht, was Frauen in Bezug auf Charakter, berufliches und gesellschaftliches Leben sowie Partnerschaft und Sexualität wichtig ist. Das Linzer Meinungsforschungsinstitut “market” hat dafür im April telefonische Interviews mit 1.040 repräsentativ für die Bevölkerung ab...


Likewise others, I attained normal Soviet school, where among other exotic subjects we studied scientific atheism. In classroom with portrait of Mongolian looking Leader and quotation:  Religion is opium for folks- teacher talked about Darwinism and astrophysics mocking over tales of holy world creation. We were...


Coming back home in twilight, I see street prostitutes in Hütteldorferstrasse during their evening shift. Girls have extremely minimized professional outfit standing there almost nude in cold rain. Some of them are very young. Trying to catch glimpse of their faces in quickly growing darkness I...