Heinz-Christian Strache and Nazi Salute

Heinz-Christian Strache, who by education is a dental technician, has been active in local politics in Vienna since 1991. Snapshots taken from a video in the late 80s were published in January 2007 showing a uniformed Strache participating in paramilitary training activities. Other people on the pictures were claimed to be known neo-nazis. Strache has denied that, claiming the pictures are of him playing Gotcha. At the end of January, further pictures were published, showing Strache performing a Nazi salute (the Kühnen salute). Strache denied the allegations prior to publication of the pictures. After publication, Strache argued that the picture showed him ordering three beers and was not a Nazi salute.

Galina Toktalieva

Author, photographer

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2 Responses

  1. Turther says:

    Oh, my God!

    Swiss Guard performs Kuhnen salute, too; we’ve got to do something about it! 😮

    Seriously, though, the alleged “Kuhnene salute” is a ruse put up by anti-Serb nationalists since he’s some kind of Serb supporter or something…

    Anyways, three finger salute is derived from a three finger oath and has more to do with the universally recognized Christian symbol of the Holy Trinity than anything else.

  2. es ist human, dass sie ihm in den koffer tritt

    lg Harry

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