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The awareness//Das Bewusstsein

Zitate zum Nachdenken

Jeder Tag ist ein kleines Leben – jedes Erwachen und Aufstehen eine kleine Geburt, jeder frische Morgen eine kleine Jugend, und jedes zu Bett gehen und Einschlafen ein kleiner Tod. (Arthur Schopenhauer)
Der Tod ist nichts Schreckliches. Nur die schreckliche Vorstellung macht ihn furchtbar. (Epiktet)


Avarice and detachment

And just as perfectionism nurtures the anger that sustains it, we may also say here that the prohibition of needs (not simply from their satisfaction but even from their recognition within the psyche) must contribute to the impoverishment of life that underlies the urge to hold on. It may be pointed out that hoarding implies not just avarice, but a projection of avarice into the future – a protection against being left without. Also the avoidance of commitment can be considered as an expression of not giving.

Egoism versus Altruism

In the humanitarian sciences, the notions of “egoism” and “altruism” are usually treated as the opposites. An altruistic self-sacrifice for the common good is always treated as heroic action and is highly appreciated. The most classical examples are the lives of M. Gandhi, A. Schweitzer, Theresa and some others. Therefore altruism has an untainted reputation while egoism is sometimes considered to be one of the “worst”. As A. Waterman puts it, “the pursuit of self-interest is thought to yield a sense of alienation.

Social regulations and insanity

Psychotherapy East and West The following text consists of excerpts from Alan Watts’ book “Psychotherapy East and West”(1961) Psychotherapy and Liberation If we look deeply into such ways of life as Buddhism and Taoism, Vedanta and Yoga, we do not find either philosophy or religion as...

Osho über Frauen

Die wahren Unterschiede zwischen Mann und Frau Frauen haben einen ganz besonderen Zug an sich: Sie sind in gewisser Weise mit kleinen Dingen zufrieden, denn weil sie Frauen sind. So wird ihr Verlangen nach Kreativität erfüllt, sie werden auf ganz natürliche, biologische Art zum Schöpfer. In...

Concept of democracy

Excerpt from “I am free” by David Icke, photo “Austrian communists” …Oh, I’m a Christian, a Muslim, a Socialist, a Republican, a Pagan. We have to be something instead of being someone – ourselves. We also ask people we meet what they “do” for a living...


I could appreciate advantages of living in 15 “ghetto” district of Vienna only when spring came. There was Schmelz nearby, – spacious patch of ground, where local pensioners cultivated vegetables and flowers in small private gardens. Most of the time outer environment could look grim for...

The Neurotic Needs

Neurotic needs are compulsive attachments. “The various strategies the child adopts to cope with anxiety can eventually become persistent and irrational needs that cause both neurosis and personality disorder” “Basic anxiety is the foundation of the neurotic personality. Horney identifies ten strategies and corresponding needs that...

The Pride System and False Identification

Neurotic Pride The most important aspect of an idealized image is neurotic pride, a false pride based, not on a realistic view of the true self, but on a spurious image of the idealized self. Neurotic pride is qualitatively different from healthy pride or realistic self-esteem....

Angst vor Veraenderung

Leben bedeutet Wandlung und Veränderung In ständigem Wandel zu leben, ist jedoch nicht immer einfach. Denn Weiterentwicklung bedeutet zugleich Aufbruch und Abschied von Altvertrautem. Weiterentwicklung bedeutet, dass wir uns von unseren bisherigen Gewohnheiten, Beziehungen, unserer bisherigen Umgebung und auch von unserer bisherigen Identität verabschieden müssen. Uns...