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Erotic plasticity of females

Women are rarely encouraged to masturbate or to experiment sexually, not only because of sexual norms in the Western world, but because of the universal risk of pregnancy and the value placed on virginity. So women don’t grow up prioritizing their sexual impulses and feelings the way that men do, and they learn to base their sexual response on the response of the partner.

Humans and animals

There is…documented proof of cannibalism and rape in the animal kingdom, but that doesn’t make it right for humans. While some animals (like the lion) eat their young, neither supporters or opponents of “gay rights” have used this as an argument in favor of infanticide or cannibalism. Thus, a healthy dose of wariness needs to be employed in making scientific claims about homosexual animals justifying homosexual humans.

Die ersten homo Paaren in Österreich

GRAZ (APA) – Das erste Paar in der Steiermark ist über die “positive Stimmung” bei der Eintragung erfreut. Schauplatz Grazer Amtshaus, Schmiedgasse: Im dritten Stock, rechts ganz hinten, brüllt eine Beamtin ins Telefon, dass es auch für Wartende heraußen noch hörbar ist, ein junger Schwarzer flucht...

Action of the Greens

Action in defense of same-gender partnership It was rather hot morning, and I felt the gravity of my photo bag, walking by zigzags and asking every pedestrian where civil registry office is. I anticipated picturesque manifestation at the place, but found only small group there. As...