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Chic of a piano

Why are always dressed up in black? It does not suit you at all, – dropped one of my female companions exhaling smoke of her cigarette, while we were on porch of one feeding on unemployment institutions, where we had our German classes, – three women making small talk in Russian. – Besides, I have read in glossy magazine, that those who prefer wear black, are often depressed.
She talked with the aplomb of a sophisticated woman in spite of reliance on glossy sources of information. Seeing her so close, I kept patronizing silence, as her face at that moment exposed nothing except shining beauty of youth.

Red phantoms. Scarlet thread of my craze

Zhanna It was sunny spring of 1982. The university alley of apple and peach trees was all pink lace of blossoms. The air was fresh and clear. But I was ascending marble staircase of main building with monument of Great Chief at the top feeling chill...

Schwarz und rot

Terrible bang at the door came after midnight. Since it was bars area, I reached for rolling pin and then shut open the door. Russian woman Natasha stood there together with her husband – short man with disproportional big hands. Natasha looked as child who broke...



If intellectual and physical potential of humans is endless, so is potential to feel. Normal life hardly gives opportunity to use this potential in full strength. But everybody knows in his heart he could experience more intensive, pure and strong feelings, and everybody dreams about true...