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Michi Häupl bioline

Михаил Хойпль – австрийский политик от социал-демократической партии. Начиная с 1994 года является бургомистром Вены.
Будучи школьником, Михаил, также как и его младший брат, являлся членом национал-освободительного юношеского движения (Pennalen Burschenschaft)
В Кремсе. После окончания гимназии, он изучал биологию и зоологию в Венском университете.
Хойпль стал бургомистром Вены 7 ноября 1994 года.

Glance of Alfred Gusenbauer

It was election campaign event in Vienna Stadthalle, which attracted thousands of people who expressed their support for social democrats prime candidate Werner Faymann. I talked to a few ordinary persons who enjoyed themselves in buffet of concert hall during the speech of Werner Faymann looking...

Werner Faymann and my plate of spagetti

Styrian SPÖ Governor Franz Voves has spoken up in support of governing coalition with the ÖVP. Voves said: “I was and I am a supporter of this coalition. I think that it is the best solution for the next five-ten years.” Franz Voves – former ice-hockey...

Sweat and Tears

Alfred Gusenbauer, the tenth chancellor in the history of the Second Austrian Republic, will be remembered for his short time in that position. Gusenbauer has been Chancellor for 545 days. With an early general election likely to be held by the end of September, he will...