Libido and Health


Throughout history, masculine part of humankind was permitted to have strong sex drives and sublimate it in art and literature. Male breadwinners were permitted traditionally by social order to make their female spouses responsible for degrees of masculine sex satisfactions and meet provider whims. Now many of hypersexual men could be diagnosed with obsessive disorders. The overwhelming desire of male to pursue sex may be linked to a condition known in medicine as SATYRIASIS.

Understanding the symptoms of this destructive behavior, which has many things in common with other dependencies, such as alcoholism, eating disorder, drug and love addictions, may ensure some men, with hyperactive libido, to be aware of the problem, be better equipped for safe sex and seek psychotherapeutic treatment.

Satyriasis, known as an excessive and compulsive sexual desire, was long considered to be not medical, but ethical problem. However, for some men, secretly suffering from satyriasis it involves the inability to work properly and pursue social goals or communicate with friends due to an overwhelming sexual needs. Often this condition is wrongly estimated as normal sexual desire which can be controlled, and man with satyriasis deceives himself that he can controll it.

In fact, many healthcare professionals, who used to treat sex addicts, know that satyriasis cannot be fully controlled and may require psychological help. In contrast to traditional viewpoint, it is a man who engages less in sexl activity may be considered healthier, than the one having numerous occasional sexual encounters.
Sexual addiction may be linked to repetitive compulsive thinking modes and repetitive behavioral patterns, covering roots of real psychological conflict underneath.

For men with satyriasis, there are little variations to their urgent needs. If they have no chance for intercourse, they masturbate ferociously using Internet and porno industry products as teasers for temporary mild releases, in their pursuits for sex experiences they demonstrate obsessive persistence and devotion, which can be wrongly taken for depth of feeling by their female partners, intimacy is not specially required here, nor the need to eat, sleep or pursue fully productive life, males with such sexual obsessive disorder normally see around them not personalities, but lust objects composed of genital, anal and oral orifices capable to provide temporary satisfaction to their insatiable thirst.

Galina Toktalieva

Kyrgyzstan-born author residing in Graz, Austria

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