My docu list


Documentaries, movies and animation films I have watched recently:

Whore’s Glory (2011) by Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger;
Born Into Brothels (2004) – Oscar winning documentary by Zana Briski;
“Корыто, лыжи, велосипед” (2013) – фильм Ивана Твердовского об умирающих российских деревнях;
National Geographic Taboo TV Series „Extreme Eats“, „Filthy Jobs“, “Prison love”, “Hoarders”, “Prostitution” (2002-2011);
Fat Doctor – UK TV Show 2013 The work of bariatric surgeon Shaw Somers: all series, all episodes;
Zeitgeist: Moving Forwards, 2011 by Peter Joseph – to transite current socioeconomic monetary paradigm;
National geographic. Земля: Биография Планеты (2011);
Walking with Dinosaurs (1999); Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia (2007), Planet Dinosaur (2011);
All about Dinosaurs (BBC documentary);
Half Ton Man – Patrick Deuel is one of the heaviest men ever and a medical miracle (2005);
Life after People by David de Vries, 2008-2010 – Learn what would happen to Earth in the future;
Опера «Снегурочка». Союзмультфильм 1952, музыка Римского-Корсакова;
Assisted Suicide National Geographic Documentary (Extraordinary People – 2003 TV series);
Bulgaria’s abandoned children, BBC documentary – 2007;
Ukraine’s Forgotten Children, BBC documentary by Kate Blewett, 2012;
Children of Leningradsky by Hanna Polak, 2004;
Телепередачи первого канала «Пусть говорят» 2013-2014: Анорексия; Правнучка Брежнева живет в психушке;
Ballet Russian School Nadezhda by Safina TV, 2010;
Ballet, sweat and tears (RT Documntary, 2013);
Союзмультфильм 1958, “Кошкин дом”;
Addicted to food: Sharon‘s Story, documentary on food addiction, 2009;
Faces of death, 1978 (Explicit scenes depicting a variety of ways to die and violent acts);
The suicide tourist HDTV BBC documentary, 2011;
Техника патологоанатомического вскрытия – учебные фильмы;
«Класс коррекции» 2014, фильм Ивана И.Твердовского;
Variety of autopsy tutorials, post-mortem examination and morgue procedures films (40 films);
Variety of brain operation and heart surgery films (10 films);
Anorexia nervosa and binge eating (4 films);
Assisted suicide of terminally ill persons (3 films);
Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli animation films: Kiki’s Delivery Service -1989, Only Yesterday-1991, Whisper of the Heart-1995, Princess Mononoke-1997, Spirited Away-2001, The Cat Returns-2002, Howl’s Moving Castle-2004, Ponyo-2008, The Secret World of Arrietty-2010, The Wind Rises-2013;

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest  with Jack Nicholson (1975)


Galina Toktalieva

Kyrgyzstan-born author residing in Graz, Austria

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