The computer crimes behind 9-11

Computer simulation

The Deception that Changed the World by Cristopher Bollyn, 2009, excerpt

The dependence of the U.S. government and military on computer systems, which run on software provided by outside vendors, is the Achilles’ heel of the world’s most powerful nation.

9-11 was a computer crime. Apart from being a monstrous crime of mass murder, 9-11 was also a sophisticated computer crime, carried out through long-term foreign infiltration of the most sensitive U.S. military and government computer networks. This infiltration, carried out by a foreign intelligence agency, gave the perpetrators real-time access to all the data on the computers of the U.S. government and military.

During the first 9-11 events, there was a great deal of discussion about a Massachusetts-based software company called Ptech. So this mysterious little company from Quincy, whose software was on all the critical computer networks of the U.S. government and military, we were told, was Arab-owned, financed, and linked to terrorists.

All the talk about the Saudi-financier behind Ptech being linked to Osama Bin Laden smelled dubious. It simply did not make sense that the most secure computer systems of the U.S. government would be running software written by a Lebanese Muslim financed by a Saudi who happened to be on the most-wanted list of global terrorists.

I never accepted the notion that 9-11 had been carried out by Muslims in Pakistan or terrorists based in the caves of Afghanistan. This always seemed preposterous and it didn’t take me very long to find that Ptech was an Arab cut-out controlled by an agent of Israeli intelligence. It made no sense that Arab terrorists, who could barely fly, could deceive the U.S. Air Force, and that the extremely sophisticated operation was directed from a cave in Afghanistan. That is just not believable.

Ptech was, in fact, an Israeli-controlled Mossad front company. I soon discovered that the real key person involved in the development of the company was a Zionist Jewish lawyer named Michael Goff from Worcester, Massachusetts. Goff also worked for an Israeli-run computer security company called Guardium. This confirmed my suspicion that Ptech was probably an Arab “cut out” controlled by the Mossad.

Udi Mendelson, age 51, was the Chief Technology Officer of U.S. Aviation Technology, which was based in his apartment in Parkland, Florida. Mendelson’s company promoted a remote-control system that allows a “ground pilot” to monitor and adjust the computer flight systems on aircraft.

His software and design was promoted as a system to obtain real-time data from the aircraft’s computer recorders (black box, FDR) in order to monitor flight systems – and make corrections – if necessary. The possibility to remotely hijack a plane with Mendelson’s system is obvious. Mendelson also promoted a Flight Data Animator, which he said gives the ground pilot all of the data and the visuals that the pilot in the aircraft has.

The data is sent via satellite to the satellite antenna on the top of the aircraft. This software and equipment clearly would allow the ground “pilot” to fly the aircraft.

Mendelson was promoting his software and system before 9-11 and hoped to have it on the market in November 2001.

There is simply no evidence whatsoever that any such “Al Qaida” or Islamic terrorist structure ever existed in the United States or that any Muslim or Arab organization was interested in or capable of carrying out such a sophisticated attack. There is, on the other hand, a great deal of evidence that an Israeli military structure is behind 9-11. This network connects the highest officers and veterans of Israeli military intelligence with all the key players, companies, and funding entities involved in setting up the 9-11 attacks.

Galina Toktalieva

Kyrgyzstan-born author residing in Graz, Austria

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