Alter Ego


Emigration creates stressful limit-situations when person loses his identification:work, friends, relatives, property, language, life and career prospects. Can you stand this collapse of identifications?
– Being 47, I must run around in Vienna as homeless dog looking for institutions, who would approve what I am doing. Feeling lucky to sell photo to newspaper once in season for 30 euros!
-You old enough to do what you consider right. Create your own newspaper!
– You are mad. I have nothing to cover my ass
– One doesn’t need much money to create electronic version
– If it is in German, I need to employ the translator, if it is in English, nobody would read it in Austria, if it is in Russian…Why I emigrated from Russia then?
– What about your book… You have not finished it
– Who would buy this damn book?
– Find rich lover who would promote you.
– Bastard would take more expensive thing from me in exchange – my self-esteem
– Go back to Moscow
– First – it is boring. Second- I have little in common with Russians, as with any other nationality of the world
– Jump down from Schweglerbrücke.
– I treasure my body. And I hate my mind.