Moon fake and Stanley Kubrick

50 Years of Scam, or Truth behind Moon Landing

Although it’s common knowledge throughout the world that the Apollo Moon missions were faked by NASA back in the 60’s, many gullible people still accept NASA’s claim of sending men to the Moon, without bothering to carry out any investigation, to see if NASA are indeed telling the truth.

Those who will not accept that Apollo was a fake, have been brain washed into believing over 50 years of lies from NASA, and lose touch with reality.

The comical aspect about NASA’s 50 year Moon hoax, is how it’s making a worldwide laughing stock of NASA, and the astronauts who claim to have traveled to the Moon. The most damning aspect however, is that NASA’s Moon landing scam is confusing the younger generation, by giving them a disorientated view of current space travel and technology.

For example, many youngsters who saw the shuttle lift off from launch pad assumed it was going to the Moon. They could not understand why it was only going 200 miles into low Earth orbit, when NASA supposedly made 9 manned journeys to the Moon, (each mission being a return trip of over 500,000 miles), during a 3 year period which began over 50 years ago.

If NASA did send men to the Moon, then space technology has gone backwards instead of forward. That seems somewhat bizarre when one looks at technology advances, particularly in computer science.

In 1995 the Internet brought about the downfall and full expose of NASA’s 25 year hoax, as people worldwide now had full access to NASA’s web site pictures, and could see for themselves the pathetic way in which the photographs had been doctored with the same repetitive background. Prior to 1995 it was not possible to see these pictures, but you can now study them in the comfort of your own home.

In 1994 I contacted NASA for an explanation as to why the Apollo 17 Moon photographs all had the same background, when taken at differing locations. I’m still waiting for an answer.

 If the astronauts covered an area roughly 8 Kms by 12 Kms, and panned their camera through 360 degrees at the various locations, what are the odds against getting an identical background in each picture? Six separate locations which are miles apart, and yet each one has the same identical background. In all pictures one can see a relatively flat foreground, and an abrupt straight line where foreground meets the background hilly area. This is conclusive proof that background hilly scene has been pasted onto photo, and the sky blacked out.

The evidence of false backdrops is not so noticeable in the earlier faked pictures for missions 11/12 and 14, as they were taken at Langley Research Center in the ‘MOONSET’ studio. It is the latter missions, ie, 15/16 and 17 where anomalies are plainly obvious. When questioned about the authenticity of the Moon landings, NASA’s reply is “We do not have time to answer any questions; the truth is in the photographs”. The truth is indeed within the photographs, and the truth hurts. These photographs are fake, which means the Moon landings are also fake.

THE MAJORITY OF NASA’s FAKE MOON PICTURES WERE CREATED IN THE MID 1990’s. The proof lies in the fact that most did not appear in any books or magazines until the 1990’s.

Ninety five percent of NASA’s fake Moon pictures on their web sites, WERE NEVER SEEN PRIOR TO THE LAUNCH OF THE INTERNET. They had to produce a considerable number of fake Moon pictures, for all six missions, otherwise the public would want to know why there were so few. Not all of NASA’s fake Apollo pictures have been altered with Photoshop. The main Apollo 11 picture of Buzz Aldrin, as well press released pictures from Apollo 12 and Apollo 14 showing astronauts holding the flag. All of these press release pictures were taken in the fake Moonscape at Langley Research Center, and did not require any alteration to pass off as a Moon photograph.

Source: nasascam.atspace, apolloreality.atspace

How Stanley Kubrick Staged the Moon Landing

The Paris Review, By Rich Cohen

stanley kubrick

Of all the fables that have grown up around the moon landing, my favorite is the one about Stanley Kubrick, because it demonstrates the use of a good counternarrative. It started with a simple question: Who, in 1969, would have been capable of staging a believable moon landing?

Kubrick’s masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey, had been released the year before.

Most striking was the scene set on the moon, in which a group of astronauts, posthuman in their suits, descend into an excavation where, once again, the human race comes into contact with the monolith. Though shot in a studio, it looks more real than the actual landings. It’s the shadow and light, the space and enclosure, the way people move.

It made perfect sense that NASA, realizing it could not actually land a man on the moon, turned to Kubrick.

It could have been an act of patriotism, a citizen heeding the call of a nation in need. It could have been for money, enough to cover every production from here to Eyes Wide Shut. Or maybe they had something on him. We all know about Hoover and the FBI.

As the years went by Kubrick’s pride in his accomplishment (the bastards bought it) turned into second thoughts, then guilt, then shame. My God, what have I done? He felt the need to confess. But who could he tell? If he went public, he’d vanish as surely as had the numerous people who knew the truth about the Kennedy assassination.

How Jewish Was Stanley Kubrick?

Many people are surprised to discover that legendary director Stanley Kubrick—whose masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey is 50 years old this year—was Jewish. Kubrick was known to have said that he was not really a Jew, he just happened to have two Jewish parents. Jewish by birth through both his mother, Sadie Gertrude Perveler, and his father, Jacob Kubrick, the director was given by his parents a very typical first name for Jews born in that era. In addition, he steadfastly stuck to using that name in an industry where fellow Jews—at least the actors with whom he worked—had frequently changed them.

American cosmic frauds

Musk has allegedly committed significant fraud on multiple occasions. It appears from the insider testimony and other evidence that he does that whenever he needs to raise money or pump up the Tesla stock price or bail himself out from bad investments. He is a compulsive liar, just lying reflexively even when there’s no reason for it. He’s a massive narcissist. So, in conclusion, Musk is a typical American fraud and a braggart who sucks at exactly what he claims to be great at.