Glance of Alfred Gusenbauer

It was election campaign event in Vienna Stadthalle, which attracted thousands of people who expressed their support for social democrats prime candidate Werner Faymann.
I talked to a few ordinary persons who enjoyed themselves in buffet of concert hall during the speech of Werner Faymann looking at the screen of big monitor with his face, and all of them described Faymann as nice lad, at the same time all of them aware of the fact that nobody must take election promises of social democrats at earnest. My confidants also noticed that a lot of money was invested in this election campaign for rivers of beer, wine, sandwiches and souvenirs with expectations that Austrians would give their voices for those who once generously let them to become drunk.
All photographers were seized with mass psychosis of depicting and pursuing Werner Faymann. At the same time many others not less interesting figures of Austrian social democracy didn’t get sufficient attention they deserved.
Those who stay out of the circle of crowd’s blind admiration often look much more interesting without their usual protecting mask.
Personally for me, Gusenbauer presents more inner power, than Werner Faymann. Perhaps because he has much more experience.