Homeless woman had found in junk container something to eat. I made the snapshot in very center of Vienna. Perhaps she is crazy, like many of homeless persons. At least she was talking to herself. This email I received today: I read Die Wiener Nachrichten today and it upset me that you are not finding satisfaction in Vienna. I can understand why you are contemplating moving to another city or country – I think of it often myself… Apart from American and British Embassies being difficult and depressing places, the reality of life in America for someone with no regular job or appearance that looks vaguely Asian is not good. I have spent some time in the USA over the last few years and now I have no desire to go there because of their inherent racism and their fanatical control of their borders. Britain might be a little better as far as getting into the country from the EU is concerned, but it depends on your political status. London is very expensive to live in. While it is a very cosmopolitan city with many opportunities, I have found that it is physically and mentally draining to live there – but then I am now 58 and not as lively as I was… Of all the European cities I have visited – and that has been a lot! – I have always found Berlin to be the most exciting, busy, sensual and forgiving city in Europe. Its people are far friendlier than Parisians and it is now reclaiming some of the grandeur it lost during the Cold War. Ian, Scotland