Idolatry and personality disorder

Wien, Neubaugürtel
Wien, Neubaugürtel

If we are in the habit of making false value-judgments of particular externals, as with those listed by type, we should learn to bear the things falsely valued as bad, and forbear the things falsely valued as good. “Bear and Forbear” – Epictetus


Personality Type

Idealized Image

Compulsive Attachment

Compulsive Aversion

Obsessive-Compulsive Conscienious achievement lack of achievement
Avoidant Sensitive acceptance rejection
Paranoid Vigilant autonomy being subordinated
Histrionic Dramatic attention being ignored
Sadistic Aggressive dominance submission
Schizotypal Idiosyncratic non-conformity conformity
Compensatory Narcissistic Inventive recognition obscurity
Schizoid Solitary solitude intimacy
Passive-Aggressive Leisurely freedom to do as one pleases compulsory activity
Depressive Serious duties and responsibilities not having duties and responsibilities
Masochistic Self-Sacrificing being needed being unappreciated
Dependent Devoted being taken care of having to act independently
Narcissistic Self-Confident being special being ordinary
Antisocial Advuenturos excitement boredom
Borderline Mercurial relationship being alone
Cyclothymic Exuberant creativity being unable to create