Joy and frustration of change


My experience with new Asus PA249G LCD Monitor

As was pointed out by reviewers, the main advantages of this semi-professional monitor are qualities of its precalibrated for Adobe RGB and sRGB colour spaces screen. The possibility to rotate the screen and change the length of monitor’s foot are also very convenient. Due to this quality visual professionals, who use to spend many hours in the same stressed position in front of monitor can look at the screen from different angles changing their workplace frequently to make workflow less stressful for eyes. But what is often the cause with Asus budget products, some features look excellent and some look hastily baked and strange. The means of control over different modes are rather limited, and the main upper button at the control panel responsible for movement from one item to another is rather weird. Yesterday I had spent a few hours in state of deep frustration trying to revert this new monitor to its factory default state. The special button for such revert is absent. Once you choose one definite source of signal, monitor locks itself within this mode and switches off automatically after a few seconds without this signal being deaf for other ones. Imagine, what can happen, if you choose by chance the type of signal source that is not available for your system, how it was with me. Also mind, that if the resolution of your PC screen differs from the resolution of this monitor, you must tolerate such consequences as black bars or slight distortion of image.