The 1st of May in Graz, Austria


Asking no permission when shooting people
“When it comes to street photography, it is essential to capture candid moments of everyday life. This is what sets the genre of “street photography” differently from all the other types of photography out there. Although there are many talented photographers out there who specialize in capturing posed street portraits, I would classify those images as more of “posed street portraiture” than “street photography”. I consider that you shouldn’t ask for permission when shooting street photography.

When you ask people to pose for them when taking their portrait, their expressions are typically too forced. There are many people out there who have the same facial expression when posing for the camera, which prevents you from looking deeper into their soul. When you capture candid images of people, you are able to capture them deep in thought or contemplation. You can see the worries on their mind, their fears, their accomplishments, their hopes, and their aspirations. Through a candid portrait, you are able to delve much deeper into who that person really is, rather than what they are trying to show themselves as.” (Excerpt)
Street photographer Eric Kim