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International migration balance to and from Austria by citizenship 2000-2007
2000/Total 17 272 (Austrian citizens: -4 315; Foreign citizens:+21587)
2007/Total 32 714 (Austrian citizens: -5 509; Foreign citizens: +38 223);
38 223 foreign citizens migrated from abroad and settled in Austria in 2007,
and 20 464 Austrians left the country (it is minus 5 500 in total)
Statistics Austria. Compiled on 16 May 2008
In 2015, approx. 88,300 persons came to Austria to apply for asylum, i.e. as many as during the five previous years in total (2010-2014). In a historical comparison, such a high number in a single year represents an event of the type last seen in 1956, when massive numbers of refugees from Hungary came to Austria. During the past decade (2006-2015), a total of 230,680 applications for asylum were filed in Austria. Relative to the number of non-Austrian nationals registered
as immigrants during that period (1,181,041), asylum seekers accounted for 19%; however, in 2015 asylum seekers alone accounted for 41% of all immigrants.
Bericht des Migrationsrats- 2016