WIEN-Rund 8.000 Demonstranten beim Urban-Loritz-Platz am Gürtel
Tausende Studenten haben am Donnerstag in ganz Österreich für die Verbesserung der Studienbedingungen protestiert. In Wien versammelten sich rund 8.000 Demonstranten am Urban-Loritz-Platz bei der Stadthalle. Auch an anderen Uni-Standorten gingen Hunderte auf die Straße. Das in Wien befürchtete Verkehrschaos blieb aus.

Reportage about student’s strike in Vienna 
In spite of energetic cries of young people around me, I could not get rid of feeling of looking at performance or game, which rules everybody followed. Austrian students not only civilly demonstrated their disagreement with politics of authorities in sphere of education, but also – many of them – drank certain beverages during manifestation as one could drink water and use common euphoria as pretext to consume certain things to their satisfaction