Sweat and Tears

gusi-tears1Alfred Gusenbauer, the tenth chancellor in the history of the Second Austrian Republic, will be remembered for his short time in that position.
Gusenbauer has been Chancellor for 545 days. With an early general election likely to be held by the end of September, he will have been Chancellor for slightly more than 700 days before stepping down.

Austrian Times, 08.07.08

We were waiting for a long time outside of social democrats party quarters. It rained.
When at last we were let in, it was hard to find the place to photograph, as reporters and TV operators stood like a wall. One of securities shoved me, when I tried to cross the room behind the backs of three party leaders.
Gusenbauer looked much older than two month before when I last photographed him, and he was throwing nervous side-long glances at journalists. Everybody who takes position of responsibility must be prepared his achievement and smallest failures will be equally magnified, when he gains power and loses it.