Three-dimensional image of yourself

Psychological typology
Each person has a unique combination of traits that can be quickly determined and evaluated.
If you want to understand your own personality better or to figure out someone else’s, my website can help. Here you will find collection of the most popular systems, offering different interpretations of personality to help you gain a fuller appreciation of who you are and discover personal strengths and weaknesses. By combining at least two systems, you will see a multi-faceted image of your personality.
No one psychological profile strategy is the best. Each characterization has its advantages and limitations, and you can learn from all of them to see yourself in multiple perspectives.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The development of MBTI began with the insights from the famous psychiatrist Carl G. Jung, who published Psychological Types in 1921. He outlined the basic ideas of personality types. Jung argued that people see and think in distinctly different, but not unique, ways. Therefore, it was possible to sort people into types based on a few identifiable differences.
In the 1930s Katharine Briggs, a dedicated student of Jung, started to design testing instruments and develop the ways they would measure personality characteristics. Isabel Myers, Briggs’s daughter, who worked with her mother, gave to the idea the further development. Myers and Briggs used the theoretical foundation of Jung to develop a well-crafted instrument, that would allow them to sort people into the different Jungian categories.
Myers and Briggs started developing a database of personality profiles in the 1940s. They wanted to show that their test was a practical tool that could be used by non-psychologists. It took a long time for the academic community to accept their work. Eventually, the MBTI began to be distributed by The American Educational Testing Service, and by the 1970s, MBTI had become one of the most popular ways of measuring personality types in the United States and Canada.