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Jung Typology tests

Written by Galina Toktalieva


Introvert-Judging group

Personality types are classified into 16 different styles by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) system. These types are grouped by the four different attitudes, one of which is Introvert-Judging group. The Attitudes reflect the outward face of our personalities, and the Introvert-Judging types are focused and reflective. They are the strong, silent types. Their reluctance to engage in social interactions combined with their reserved complex nature can sometimes make them appear to be detached. They can seem even too righteous and arrogant, but on the positive side, they can be caring and dignified. Continue reading “Jung Typology tests”

July 22nd, 2014 filed under English, Typology

Sixteen Personality Types

Written by Galina Toktalieva

graz-lkhSystem 1:The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Sixteen Personality Types Characterized by the Four Attitudes
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator system is a way of describing people by focusing on how they view the world and their strategies for setting priorities. It classifies personality types into 16 different styles along the four different characteristic continuums: Introvert/Extrovert, Sensing/iNtuitive, Thinking/Feeling and Perceiving/Judging. A person’s specific MBTI type is referred to as a series of four letters, for example, ISTP or ENFJ. Continue reading “Sixteen Personality Types”

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Three-dimensional image of yourself

Written by Galina Toktalieva


Psychological typology

Each person has a unique combination of traits that can be quickly determined and evaluated.
If you want to understand your own personality better or to figure out someone else’s, my website can help. Here you will find collection of the most popular systems, offering different interpretations of personality to help you gain a fuller appreciation of who you are and discover personal strengths and weaknesses. By combining at least two systems, you will see a multi-faceted image of your personality.
No one psychological profile strategy is the best. Each characterization has its advantages and limitations, and you can learn from all of them to see yourself in multiple perspectives. Continue reading “Three-dimensional image of yourself”

July 20th, 2014 filed under Typology

Die Polyphonie

Written by Galina Toktalieva

Vergiss nicht, dass jemand, mit dem du auf diesem Planeten in Kontakt kommst, in ihr oder seiner eigenen Welt lebt. Wir alle nehmen an irrtümlich, dass andere Leute unsere Vision und unseren Gesichtspunkt teilen. Unsere Missverständnisse, Misstrauen, Erbitterungen und Misserfolg, befriedigende Beziehungen aufzubauen, werden häufig durch dieses Trugbild programmiert. Continue reading “Die Polyphonie”

June 23rd, 2014 filed under Deutsch, Mentality, Psychologie

Joy and frustration of change

Written by Galina Toktalieva


My experience with new Asus PA249G LCD Monitor

As was pointed out by reviewers, the main advantages of this semi-professional monitor are qualities of its precalibrated for Adobe RGB and sRGB colour spaces screen. The possibility to rotate the screen and change the length of monitor’s foot are also very convenient. Due to this quality visual professionals, who use to spend many hours in the same stressed position in front of monitor can look at the screen from different angles changing their workplace frequently to make workflow less stressful for eyes. But what is often the cause with Asus budget products, some features look excellent and some look hastily baked and strange. The means of control over different modes are rather limited, and the main upper button at the control panel responsible for movement from one item to another is rather weird. Yesterday I had spent a few hours in state of deep frustration trying to revert this new monitor to its factory default state. The special button for such revert is absent. Once you choose one definite source of signal, monitor locks itself within this mode and switches off automatically after a few seconds without this signal being deaf for other ones. Imagine, what can happen, if you choose by chance the type of signal source that is not available for your system, how it was with me. Also mind, that if the resolution of your PC screen differs from the resolution of this monitor, you must tolerate such consequences as black bars or slight distortion of image.

June 21st, 2014 filed under English, Media, Photographer

The value of flexibility

Written by Galina Toktalieva


Normality and abnormality cannot be differentiated objectively. All such distinctions, including the diagnostic categories, are in part social constructions and cultural artifacts. Although persons may be segregated into groups according to explicit criteria, ostensibly lending such classifications the respectability of science, the desire to segregate and the act of segregating persons into diagnostic groups are uniquely social. Continue reading “The value of flexibility”

June 2nd, 2014 filed under English, Health, Psychologie

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