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Gazprom „hilft“ Kirgistan

Der russische Konzern Gazprom hat sich die Kontrolle über die gesamte Erdgas-Infrastruktur in Kirgistan gesichert. Die verarmte ehemalige Sowjetrepublik sieht keine andere Option mehr, als sich an Moskau anzulehnen. Nach langem Ringen hat das kirgisische Parlament dem Verkauf der heimischen Gaswerke an den russischen Staatskonzern Gazprom zugestimmt –...


Pollution and poverty in Kyrgyzstan

By Alex Kirby, BBC Edited by Galina Toktalieva Twenty years after independence, this small Central Asian state remains one of the poorest among former Soviet Union respublics, struggling to make its way in a complex and sometimes hostile world. There is something of Arcadia about Kyrgyzstan in the...


Red phantoms-3

Feeling distantly curious about the car, I had no any thought it could concern me. However, my eyes were fixed at the fire escape staircase leading on the roof of the building. I regretted being disobedient to Red Mistress. Moreover, my instincts told me I was in danger...