Once great Russian writer Ivan Turgenev wrote that our happiness is usually erected at pedestal of other people misfortune. Mechanism of reality is so that we can feel good only on expense of somebody else. In ethical sphere it is expressed in emotional vampire-like sucking of humans, in social and economic sphere it lays in basement of labor exploitation. Any human society has hierarchic edifice, and all social organizations support and contribute to it. From this point of view all my petitions to Austrian employment offices and applications to newspapers are not completely senseless, o, no! They confirm the universal rule: persons without income, immigrants, lonely and also those who have no native education and work experience- fill lower groups of society open to mistreat and exploitation. With their own bodies, they erect pedestal for feet of other species in social hierarchy. It would be miraculous thing if one of Austrian newspapers would willingly offer me a piece of pie. Journalism and media normally perform management functions in society to preserve its existing arrangement and power boards.

Foreign women emigrated to European union from East bloc often find themselves in this lower groups exposed to moral and sexual abuse. Sexual exploitation takes different forms; it canlook as formal marriage or even more or less prolonged relationship. Every bond where woman is completely financially dependent on partner belongs to this group. Many women when married are misused within family, about what hardly anybody knows anything. Being still young and marketable, such women work in numerous nightclubs of Austria, or also at home at half-professional basis. Not a single woman organization has data how many females are involved in this destructive activity. Humanitarian and charity organizations exist in imitation sphere, being orientated at possible donors and sponsors. To get real help or job there is harder than to win fortune in casino. Coming back to concealed intimate exploitation, I dare say that sex partners and husbands of deprived women are in direct or indirect way interested in female’s dependency providing only minimum of sustenance and also assisting not for females social integration or promotion, as they prefer to keep source of their excessive sexual satisfactions intact and covered. We were terrified by story of Natasha Kampusch, who spent so many years imprisoned by man; but how many women in real life have virtually same level of dependence on libido and mercies of man, who is responsible for their life provisions? Once more than five years ago living in Graz and trying to find out any solution in my emigration situation that is not solved till now, I talked to Lisa Rücker in cafe Palaver. She gave me impression of being determined woman, who knows what she talks about. Lisa gave me advice to get married with Austrian and told it was only way to obtain provision for survival and security in Austria. By other words, this emancipated and self-conscious woman engaged in politics talked about marriage of convenience! My numerous visits to IZOP in Graz, didnt give any result, this organization I sadly add to long list of Imitation constructions I came in touch with. I talked to different clerks including Daniela Pils- who could provide only formal superfluous information support. I also applied for help in KPÖ, about what I have written already in my Survival Diary, and Graz communist party chef Enest provided some rent support for my flat on the terms I already mentioned about; Elke Kahr talked only about washing machine, that she could help to obtain, and district secretary Manfred Eber offered exclusive assistance in correcting my German, and it is true! He did it once.