Social-democrats and communists

1st May Demo

It was traditional the 1 May demo and Day of the Work in Vienna yesterday, and to express their solidarity with social-democratic, communist and national minorities movements in the country thousands of people marched along streets of the city toward Parliament and City council, where chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer, mayor Michael Häupl, trades-union leader Rudolf Hundstorfer held their welcoming speeches. Alfred Gusenbauer, greeted by applause of massive crowd at Rathausplatz, expressed motto of the day in a few words:
– We all want to have not only work, we want to have good work!

I was in this crowd, and after manifestation discovered with surprise that Alfred Gusenbauer was quite approachable and open for communication with everybody, what was difficult to expect from Russian public figures of the same rank. The last ones probably always wanted to protect themselves from potential terrorists, provocateurs and charity pleaders. I also noticed that mayor and chancellor, belonging to the same social-democratic party and representing Austrian establishment, often use word -Genossen- (Comrades) when they address audience.
I thought the word was prerogative of communists and activists of fascist Germany (Parteigenossen),

on that reason (separating themselves from their own communist past), the word was for along time already banned in Russia by public opinion and sounds funny today there. On some reason, police stopped the march of communists and minorities by Parliament yesterday. The colors were the same – red, but one could quickly guess who stood for authority and who not. One of my Demo picture was used in weekly selection of Reuters world news agency