1 Bezirk


This is the lady in the brown hat, photographed with Nikkor AF 70-210mm, f4-5.6. Snapshot was made in conditions of cloudy weather. Woman appeared suddenly in front of me and moved rather quickly. It is also question of ethics to photograph people in the street when they maybe don’t want this to be photographed. Some time later, analyzing my personal history of street photographer, I see that I devoted too much time and effort to this business, and always felt frustrated that nobody noticed my work.
When you are in this business, you must prepare yourself to fact, that it will not be not only financially rewarded, it will not be appreciated either. You must realize, if you do it, you do it having higher goals or because you are devoted to the art by itself.
This is the destiny of street photographer – to stay unknown and poor, if he does not have other sources of existence. Gurus teach us that the business you are involved into, can become the source of existence. May be it is true. But with photography, it is rather doubtful