Honestly, I do not know what love is. For me it is mystery, that has little to do with intimate contact.
It can perfectly exist and flourish in heart without body closeness to beloved. Weird thing is that many men are so eager to conquer woman body, and do nothing to conquer her thoughts. After some efforts they can be granted with sex, but not with love. This process could be compared with eating in expensive, but tasteless restaurant.

There you eat, but food does not nourish you, and nice looking dish has negative energy fill. Cook, waiter and manager, all of them added their negative energies to this dish which was expressed in wish to sell you product and then to get rid of you as soon as possible. According to my experience, many men pursue attractive women with only one wish to get access to her genitals, often by means of moral deception. Idea of one or two intercourse by any means is programmed in their mind. After self defeating program is fulfilled and they experienced pleasant release after ejaculation – demoralizing aspects come to surface and make them unhappier than before.
Sex victories turn out to be self destructive. He who strives for isolated egoistic satisfaction, after short period of elation has all symptoms of being poisoned.

Closeness without free will and sincere wish of both sides is harmful for health. Negative energy fluids penetrate blood system and poison us with concealed hatred, desperation, pain and fear. Conquering women by means of deception signalizes also about low level of self-consciousness. Men often care only about physical shape. Therefore when they touch woman breast or her clitoris, when they penetrate her vagina and experience short convulsive pleasure of orgasm, they have complete illusion of possession. But don’t forget that 99% of our personality are invisible. My vaginal lips and my nipples are not whole me.

They are tiniest part of me. When we look at our body in powerful microscope we can see that body is composed of nothing. There are empty distances between particles which vibrate with enormous frequency and create illusion of being hard. So men who possess only female bodies – possess nothing. Fraudulent representations and non willful deceptions they normally do are senseless. Even amidst violent intercourse woman reveals only 1% of herself, and this tiny percent often imitates sex enjoyment and orgasm- to captivate man and fatally increase his delusions.