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Gut microbes and brain

Gut microbes are part of the unconscious system regulating behavior. We are fundamentally dependent on a myriad of essential neurochemicals produced by microbes. Recent research has also suggested the gut microbiome may have a role in the development of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Research has found people with ASD have significantly higher numbers of Candida species in their intestines. Recent research has also suggested the gut microbiome may have a role in the development of autism.

Air Pollution and Electrosmog

Two thirds of studies examined report ecological effects of electromagnetic radiation, and researchers state that, “current evidence indicates that chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation, at levels that are found in the environment, may particularly affect the immune, nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems”.

The world of smells

The smells pouring out from various parts of the body are unique to an individual, made up of select compounds that vary depending on age, diet, sex, metabolism and health.
Some diseases result in a characteristic odor emanating from different sources on the body of a sick individual. A person’s smell escapes not just from their skin but their breath, blood and urine and subtle differences reveal just how healthy they are.

Cancer-prone personality

Extremely low anger scores have been noted in numerous studies of patients with cancer. Such low scores suggest suppression, repression, or restraint of anger. There is evidence to show that suppressed anger can be a precursor to the development of cancer, and also a factor in its progression after diagnosis. Notice that their conclusion centers on a certain type of anger that which is not overtly expressed but instead, to use a common expression, is bottled up.

Dreaming brain

Psychosis and Daydreaming by Ivan Tyrrell and Joe Griffin Our observations of hundreds of depressed patients had confirmed that excessive worry puts huge stress on the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep mechanism. Perhaps schizophrenia develops in those particularly imaginative, highly sensitive people who become so stressed...

Einsamkeit und Egozentrik

Sich ab und zu mal isoliert zu fühlen ist normal. Doch wer sich langfristig einsam fühlt neigt dazu, sich viel zu viel mit sich selbst zu beschäftigen. Und damit beginnt ein Teufelskreis. Drei Psychologen von der University of Chicago haben sich jetzt einmal angesehen, was auf...

Motion sickness

by John F. Golding, University of Westminster Motion sickness can be caused by a variety of motion environments and given a sufficiently provocative stimulus almost anyone can be made motion sick. More than two thousand years ago the Greek physician Hippocrates observed that ‘ sailing on...


The sense of self and vestibular dysfunction In addition to the deficits in eye movement and postural reflexes that occur following vestibular dysfunction, there is convincing evidence that vestibular loss also causes cognitive and emotional disorders, some of which may be due to the reflexive deficits...


Как с этим бороться – заметки пациентки Если вы страдаете приступами головокружений неизвестной природы, а врачи не предлагают вам ничего, кроме средства от морской болезни или таблеток для настроения, то благодарите судьбу за такое бедствие. Теперь вы многое узнаете о себе в результате взлётов и падений,...

Positional Vertigo

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) constitutes a major proportion of the population with peripheral vestibulopathies. Although the freely floating otoconia within the semicircular canals is responsible for the symptoms of BPPV, the source of the otoconia debris is mainly believed to be the otolith organs. Therefore,...